Belly fat can not only be unsightly, but you may not realise it is also dangerous to our health. Medical scientists surmised that having a wide girth means a lot of fat covers the abdominal organs, posing certain health risks such as compromising the blood supply to these body parts.  Here are three weight loss for a wedding tips that can show you how to lose belly fat naturally if weight loss for my wedding is important to you.

Weight Loss For a Wedding Tip 1: Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise is one method of how to lose belly fat naturally if weight loss for weddings is top of mind for you.  Not only that, but you will also lose fat in other parts of the body.  Hence, cardio gives you a total body make-over for your weight loss for a wedding goals. And more than the well-toned abdomen you longed for, you will likewise benefit from reduced health risks such as heart disorders.

There is a wide range of cardio exercises you can choose from. Pick the cardio routine you can stick to for a long time if weight loss for a wedding is important to you. Couple this exercise with different engaging activities that will work your muscles. These activities may be as simple but enjoyable as doing gardening work, taking a stroll in the park a friend or your partner or playing Frisbee with your favorite pet dog. You can think of more fun and active hobbies that suit your personality. The bottom line is, the activity should exercise your muscles.

Making cardio exercises a habit comes easier when you have a buddy or group of friends who will help you adhere to your weight loss for my wedding regimen. Take classes with them, and you are more likely to reach your goal. This is also a wonderful alternative to weight-conscious individuals who like to socialize and surround themselves with friends!

Weight Loss For A Wedding Tip 2: Core Strength Exercises

Core strength exercises is the second method of how weight loss for weddings can be achieved. Gone are the days when sit-ups and crunches are the “in thing” to flatten the belly. For some time now, these exercises were modified to give more effective and quicker waist-slimming results.  An example of this variation are vertical leg crunches recommended by the American Council of Exercise. This core strength exercise requires you to lie on your back with legs held at 45-degree angle from the floor. Exercise balls are popularly associated with this type of exercise. Leg lifts and crunches done with this ball create more challenge in maintaining balance, thus, putting your core muscles to work.

Weight Loss For A Wedding Tip 3: Yoga

Yoga is the third method of weight loss for a wedding and helping to reduce belly fat. It is known to relieve mental, emotional, and physical stress. But little is known about its core strength-building characteristic. It is actually an excellent exercise to reducebody fat. It prevents your body from storing more fat, and it burns the existing fat around your waist. When you are stressed or burnt out, your body responds to repair the damage or restore functionality by releasing the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for excess fat accumulating in our body. Stress-loaded events include job stress, illness and injury. Yoga, by virtue of its relaxing effects, alleviates stress and hence prevents excess fat deposition. Yoga burns fat when you assume certain poses that extend your legs and when you need to maintain balance. These poses can be done positioned on your back, seated or standing positions.

Added benefits of yoga are decreased heart rate and lowered blood pressure, attributed to breathing and stretching exercises carried out in relaxed, flowing motions. Needless to say, the cardio, core strength and yoga exercises guarantee a whittled waist and invaluable mental and physical health.  Find a buddy and enroll at your nearest gym to help give you the extra motivation you need for your weight loss for a wedding goals!

Weight Loss for a Wedding Takes Time

Weight loss for a wedding  or any other time you would like to lose some excess pounds takes time.  Please dont expect miracles overnight.  If you find yourself saying I need to start losing weight for my wedding please remember your weight gain didnt happen overnight so your weight loss cant either it needs to be a steady, healthy and gradual process.