Natural Fat Burners

Natural fat burner

I admit it – I was wrong!

I have personally always been under the impression that when it boils down to weight loss, that natural is just not strong enough and that synthetic is so much better.

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Well I have proven myself wrong. I recently started testing a completely “Natural” fat burner and appetite suppressant called Rubedo. Naturally my opinion was that, like most other natural products I had previously tried, that this was going to be no better and for the first 3 days I thoroughly believed that.

The end of the 3rd day I jumped onto the scale and my whole theory that natural fat burners are not strong enough was blown right down the drain. My weight was down by 3 kg in just 3 days. I shook that scale and did everything to check that the scale was reading correctly.

The truth was that this natural fat burner had casued me to lose 3 kg in just 3 days.

I continued my testing of Rubedo in my normal true style – no dieting and no extra exercise. When I test a product I want to see just how effective the product is, not how effective the supporting diet and exercise program are.

After 9 full days of using the Rubedo natural fat burner and appetite suppressant I was back on the scale again. I could really feel that my weight was down and besides I was also feeling  so much healthier.

Again I double checked the scale – got on, got off and back on again. The scale was showing that my weight was now down by an incredible 4.5 kg’s after just 9 days – and this using a completely natural fat burner.

Lose weight fast

Burns fat faster

Reduces appetite

Completely natural

Rubedo is a fairly new fat burner and appetite suppressant and is available in South Africa. The natural formula consists of a combination of “B” complex vitamins and carefully chosen natural ingredients that gently manipulate the appetite controlling and fat burning hormones Dopamine and norepinephrine.

My appetite was vastly reduced and even though I was not trying to diet I found that I was just never hungry. My energy levels were increased but I must say that the increased energy levels felt totally natural and were not the same as the high’s that are sometimes experienced when using synthetic fat burner  products.

I can really recommend Rubedo to anyone who is wishing to lose weight fast naturally.